Our artists group consists of many different fields i.e. oil painting, sumi painting, Nihonga, dye works and calligraphy. When artists present their art works they consider “HYOUSOU” mounting works that is not only frame works but also hanging scroll, hand scroll, folding screen. Using traditional HYOUSOU technique, we try to express total art, combination of art works and mounting style and combination of traditional and modern arts.
Our unique exhibitions and demonstrations in Japan and overseas have been
appreciated by many people and we hope that through these activities, many
people show their interests to Japanese culture.

1995-1998 Group exhibition called “NAKAMANO HYOUSOU (art of mounting works) EXHIBITION” at SPACE OGURAYA, Tokyo
1996 Apr. participated 5th Cannes Japan Arts Festival and exhibited Hanging scroll and folding screens and made demonstrations of Hyousou and Giant calligraphy.
1996 Apr. organized private work shop at atelier in Paris.
1997 Apr. organized an exhibition “Calligraphy and Hyousou” at DAIWA FOUNDATION JAPAN HOUSE in London. made a demonstration of giant calligraphy at Regent Park. and made a demonstration of HYOUSOU especially restoration and conservation technique.
1998 Jan. new year Hyousou exhibition at KEIO PLAZA HOTEL, Tokyo
1998 Apr. organized an exhibition at DONNINGTON GROVE SOCIETY for Anglo-Japanese Cultural Exchange in Newbury, England.
1998 Apr. organized an exhibition at DAIWA FOUNDATION JAPAN HOUSE in London and made demonstration of “SHOJUTSU” a sort of hybrid of calligraphy and Okinawan Karate. and demonstration of HYOUSOU.
1998 Aug. participated international Art Exhibition “Momenti d’Arte 98” in Castiglion – Fiorentino (Arrezzo) Italy. Artists participated from Italy, Germany, South Africa and Japan. made demonstrations of “SHOJUTSU” and “HYOUSOU”.
1998 Aug. organized an exhibition of “TAKUHON OF ANTIENT MAYA” at KEIO PLAZA HOTEL art gallery, Tokyo
1999 Apr. Group exhibition called “NAKAMANO HYOUSOU(art of mounting works) EXHIBITION” at MASUMI Gallery, Tokyo

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